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Gamers and Gods           The Metaspace Chronicles
In Gamers and Gods: AES a hero from the Bronze Age reincarnates in an online computer. He is Asklepios, (Aesculapius) - Homer's "blameless physician" and finds himself in a war between pantheons for control of mankind's future. Can Aes the the Healer defeat the Devourer of Millions?

His only hope is the help of Darla and her online gamers. In this battle for Earth's self-determination, the most powerful weapon of all may be the love of a woman for a man who is only a ghost in the machine. 
"Uniquely Creative"  "Enjoyed it !!!!!"  "The best books don't just tell a story"

Aes left a surprise behind him: Machaon, a virtual conception. Chosen by Zeus to be the next champion for the Olympians, the son of Asklepios faces the Destroyer of Rebellions. Rejoin the adventure as Machaon tries to fill the shoes of s god. He learns what it means to be human when he has to choose between duty and love.

Things seem to have gotten out of hand. Machaon himself now has an heir - the infant Alexanor, son of Machaon, son of Asklepios. But young Alex is hardly ready to face the third alien incarnaiton: Set, the god of chaos and storms. Can Machaon protect him long wnough for Alexanor to grow into the Defender of Man?