hypercube Matthew R. Kennedy
  This we give the World:
    Fiction: the Gamers and Gods trilogy
    Nonfiction: the Hypercube Loudspeaker
                            (U.S. Pat. #4,231,446 11/4/1980)
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hypercube Hypercube Loudspeakers
  No more secrets! Now you can learn:
    (1) why hypercubes are better
    (2) how to build them
    (3) how to energize them
    (4) and how they work.

    music to be EPIC by
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  my blog: Futiquity 

  Hyperspace, Hypercube, Hypersphere
  Discovering hypersolid resonance 

  Building tesseract resonators
  Tesseract vs. Ordinary acoustics
  Tech briefing and mathematical analysis
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